Support Knowledge Base

Please consult the following list if you are having difficulty with registering or taking one of our courses:

Problems Registering For A Course

  1. I have a Discount Code but didn't receive my discount.
    Discount Codes are valid for a limited time only. They expire a short time after the expiration date on your license. If you wait until after your license expires to register for a course, you may not receive a discount. If you believe that this is not the case, please send us a Support Request.
  2. I'm trying to register but I get an "Application Error" after I verify my name and address.
    If you are getting the error screen during the registration process, security settings or software on your computer are interfering with loading our site properly.  Please add to your 'trusted sites' list in your browser.  This usually resolves any problems that occur during registration. If this is unsuccessful, please send us a Support Request and give us more detail on exactly which screen during registration has the error.

    Use the following instructions for Internet Explorer:
    Go to our site
    Select Tools -> Internet Options from the IE menu
    Select the "Security" Tab
    Click the "Trusted Sites" checkmark, then click the "Sites" button
    Click "Add" to Add this website to the zone (uncheck the "Require Server Verification" checkbox if you receive a warning)
    Please note that due to restrictions with out credit card security software, registration on a mobile device may not work - please use a desktop or laptop computer to register for your course.
  3. I didn't receive a purchase receipt for my course.
    Your purchase receipt was emailed to the email address that you provided when you registered. If you did not find it in your inbox, please check your bulk mail/spam folder. If you supplied an incorrect or non-working email address, the receipt may not have been delivered. If we receive notice that the receipt was not delivered, we will flag your account. The next time you log on to continue your course, you may see a "Email Account Not Valid" message - please go to View/Change My Information to update your email address and request that we send you a duplicate receipt.
  4. View/Change My Information to update your email address. Once your address is updated, you can request a duplicate receipt be sent to your updated email address.

Problems Taking A Course

  1. I can't log in to take my course?
    Please select "Log In and Return to your Course" (Blue Button) from the main page or "Return to your Course" from the Top Menu on any page. On the Login Page, enter your TDLR-issued License Number and the password you created when you registered with us the first time. Please enter only numbers within the License Number field (Correct: 12345, Incorrect: ME-12345). Please remember that your password is case-sensitive (upper case and lower case letters are considered different), so please make sure your "shift lock" is off. If you can't remember your password, please enter your license number in the "Forget Your Password" area, and your password will be sent to the email address you used when you registered. Please check the email address that is shown on the screen (if you do not find the Login Reminder message, check the spam/bulk mail folder) - if that email address is incorrect, please fill out a Support Request and provide us with a valid email address.
  2. I received a "Retake Module - ID Verification Fail" on one of the modules?
    This means that you provided an incorrect response to the ID verification question within a module. Unfortunately, correct answers to the ID verification questions are a requirement of the TDLR to ensure that the Licensee is the person taking the course. Our system compares the answer that you give to the security question at the end of the module to the answers that you provided when you registered for the course (on the same form where you confirmed your address and provided your email address. You must supply a correct answer to successfully complete a module - you may review the answers you supplied when you registered by selecting "View/Change My Information" on the Course Menu page, and then retake the module.
  3. I received a "Retake Module - ID Verification Timeout" on one of the modules?
    You only have a short period of time (30 Seconds) to answer the ID verification question (to make sure that the person taking the course knows the answers directly). You must supply a correct answer within the time period to successfully complete a module - please retake the module and answer the ID verification question within the time period.
  4. I received an "Application Error" screen while taking a course
    Occasionally we experience temporary system and maintenance outages. In the vast majority of cases, these are short duration. Please wait a few minutes, return to the home page, log in and try again to resume your course. If you continue to have difficulties, please send us a Support Request and we'll resolve the problem as soon as possible.
  5. The course doesn't display right on my computer
    Our course should work with most computers and internet browsers. It has specifically been certified with:
    - Windows XP with Internet Explorer 6.0SP1 or Internet Explorer 7/8
    - Windows XP with Firefox 2.0 or greater
    - Windows Vista with Internet Explorer 7/8
    - Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 8/9/10 (IE11 displays in compatibility mode)
    - Windows 8 with Internet Explorer 11 (desktop version)
    - MacOS X (all versions) with Safari

    It has not been tested with any other browsers (older versions or different). If you use any of the above, the course should work properly. We do not recommend, nor do we guarantee that the course will work on Smartphones. Please make sure that your browser is set to accept cookies and run javascript.
    If you are still experiencing problems, please try a different computer. If that is not possible, we will issue a refund for your course.