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Sec. 1305.167.   License Renewal.
a) Except as provided by Subsection (b), a license expires annually on December 31 and may be renewed annually on payment of the required renewal fee.
b) The executive director by rule may adopt a system under which licenses expire on various dates during the year.  For the year in which the license expiration date is changed, renewal fees payable on or before December 31 shall be prorated on a monthly basis so that each license holder pays only that portion of the renewal fee that is applicable to the number of months during which the license is valid.  On renewal of the license on the new expiration date, the total renewal fee is due.
c) Not later than the 30th day preceding the expiration date of a person's license, the department shall notify the person in writing, at the person's last known mailing address, of the impending license expiration.  A person may renew an unexpired license by paying to the department, before the license expiration date, the required renewal fee.

Sec. 1305.168.   Continuing Education.
a) To renew a master electrician, journeyman electrician, master sign electrician, journeyman sign electrician, maintenance electrician, or residential wireman license, the license holder must complete four hours of continuing education annually.
b) Continuing education courses that satisfy the requirements of this section must address the National Electrical Code, as adopted under Section 1305.101, and state laws and rules that regulate the conduct of license holders under this chapter.
c) The executive director by rule shall approve continuing education courses, online continuing education courses, course content, and course providers.  The commission may adopt a fee for the administration of the department's duties regarding continuing education.   

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