Texas Trades Education Privacy Policy

Please take a minute to review our privacy policy. By registering for a course from Texas Trades Education LLC, you thereby agree to this policy in its entirety.

  1. Public Information - Certain parts of information regarding you and your license are public record. Your license number, name, address, renewal date, and license type have been obtained directly from public records published by the licensing agency. Since we are not the source of this information, we do not maintain responsibility for its accuracy. We also do not maintain any responsibility for its dissemination to third parties. If you change or correct this information on our site as a part of the registration process, we do not report those changes to the licensing agency or divulge that information to any third parties.
  2. Personal Verification Information - As a part of registration for a course, we collect information from you that allows us to later verify that you and not another party are taking the course. Such information may include personal characteristics (such as eye color or shoe size) or biographical information (such as birth date or number of siblings). This information is only used by us during the course to ask you questions to verify that the registrant is also the person taking the course. We are required to collect personal verification information by the State Licensing Agency. Other than asking you questions based on this information, the information that we collect will not be used in any other way and will not be divulged to third parties.
  3. Billing Information - As a part of the registration process, you are required to provide information regarding the credit card used to purchase the course. This Billing Information, which includes the name, address, and credit card information (card number, expiration date, and card validation code (CVV)), is used by our payment provider to determine the validity of the credit card and the approval of the charge for the course. We collect this information and provide it to the payment provider as part of the authorization process, but we do not retain billing information in its original form. Ar part of our transaction record, we do retain a masked version of the credit card number (last four digits) and the card type. Our collection and transmission of billing information to the payment provider is done in accordance with industry standards through the use of SSL encryption. While we take precautions to protect this information, we do not assure that it will be protected nor do we assume any liability for inadvertent disclosure. The Privacy Policy of our payment processor may be obtained here.
  4. Contact Information and Email Address - As part of the registration process, we require and collect contact information and an email address. We use this information to communicate with you to provide a receipt for your transaction and course completion, or if there is a problem with the transaction or with your course, or with the reporting of your course completion to the State Licensing Agency. We will also use the mailing address and/or email address to allow certain access features to our site (such as recovery of a forgotten password). We may also provide future marketing communications in the form of license renewal notices, referral solicitations, or new course notices. We will protect the contact information that we collect from you and we will not sell or divulge that information to third parties.
  5. Course Results - As part of your course, we collect information on your progress (such as what topics you have completed and which modules have been completed). We also collect the date at which modules and courses were completed. We are required to report your course completion and course completion date to the State Licensing Agency as part of our responsibilities as an approved Continuing Education Provider. Other than that reporting, we do not divulge any course results to any third parties. We do not collect any information on which specific questions were answered incorrectly by a specific person, although we may collect information on the first-time success rate on questions in a generic form to improve the quality of the course.
  6. Coworker Referrals - We may solicit contact information (mailing address and/or email address) from you for coworkers or associates that may be interested in one of our courses. You are not obligated in any way to provide information on any third party. If you do provide such information, we will only use the information for the purposes of marketing our courses and services to that third party. We will not disclose the third party contact information to anyone for any other purpose. We will not disclose to the third party that you were the source of the information, nor will we use your name or information as part of our marketing to the third party.