Frequently Asked Questions About Our Courses

Take a look at this list to find out answers to your questions:

  1. What do your courses cover?
    Our courses are designed to provide continuing education for licensed trades. They cover changes to the applicable codes as well as changes in State Regulations and rules.
  2. Are your courses accredited?
    Our courses are accredited by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) and they fulfill the License Renewal requirements for Continuing Education. Texas Trades Education LLC is a registered Continuing Education Provider (#1572) by the TDLR.
  3. Which CE Course should I take?
    All of our courses are accredited by the TDLR and are valid for license renewal of any class of license. Therefore, you should take the CE Course that is of most applicability to your License class and Job.  Read the course descriptions and select the course that interests you the most and will be the most benefit to your job.
  4. Can I take the same course that I took previously?
    You may take any course with a course number that you have not taken previously.  All of our CE courses have new course numbers every year and are considered separate courses by the TDLR.  All courses are valid for a maximum of one year, so it is not likely that you have taken the same course number previously if you took a course from us last year, even if the material is similar. In addition, our system will not let you register for the same course number twice. Courses with similar titles to courses we offered last year are similar, but have been updated in several area and also includes Electrician Safety, which was not required in 2009/2010.  All of our courses have identical Texas Rules & Regulations and Electrician Safety sections. You may review which CE courses you have previously completed by visiting the TDLR website:
  5. What do I need to register for a CE course?
    Registration is easy and you can begin your course right away. Go to the Course List and select the course you want. From there, you will be asked to enter your license number and verify your information. You will need a major Credit Card or Bank-issued Debit Card to pay for the course, and once the charge has been processed, you can begin taking the course. Prepaid Credit Cards that are sold in grocery and convenience stores are usually NOT accepted for online transactions.
  6. Why do I need to provide an email address?
    We need an email address to send you your payment receipt and your course completion certificate. If you forget your password, a new password will be sent to the email address. Lastly, we will send you a license renewal notice.
  7. How do I get a receipt so I can get reimbursed?
    After your credit or debit card charge is processed, we automatically send your receipt to the email address that you provided.  If you haven't received your receipt within 24 hours, please check your Spam or Bulk Mail folder.  If you still haven't found your receipt then you likely didn't supply a correct email address when you registered.  Please go to View/Change My Information to update your email address. Once your address is updated, you can request a duplicate receipt be sent to your updated email address. Unfortunately, we cannot FAX or send receipts via postal mail.
  8. Why do I need to provide my eye color, month born, etc.?
    This information allows us to periodically verify that you (and not someone else) are taking the course. This is a requirement of the TDLR.  You will periodically be required to answer a question in a short time (30 seconds). If you don't answer the question correctly, you will not get credit for that part of the course and will have to start that part again. Correct answers to the Personal Information Verification is a requirement of the TDLR and cannot be bypassed.
  9. How do I take the course?
    Each course consists of 4-10 modules. Once you register and start the course, you will see the list of modules for the course you selected. Each module is separate and you can complete modules in any order. Modules consist of a series of topics. Each topic has a section of reference material and figures, followed by a short multiple choice question. The question must be correctly answered before you can go to the next topic. Once all topics have been completed, you have completed the module. To see an example, see our Course Guide
  10. Will the course work on my computer?
    Our course works with most computers that can work with popular internet sites.  It works best on Internet Explorer version 7+ and FireFox version 2+ browsers - we cannot guarantee that it will work on other or older browsers.  The course has been optimized to work with slower dial-up internet connections.   Please see our Sample Course - if the sample course displays properly, then you should have no other problems.
  11. Why is there a delay before the question appears for a topic?
    The time delay is included to ensure that you can fully review the reference material. Each module is expected to occupy a minimum amount of time, and timing each topic is the best way to ensure that. This is a requirement of the TDLR.
  12. Is there a test? Are you keeping score?
    There is no test and we do not record a score. The questions are to ensure that you have reviewed the material. The only information that is recorded is the date that you complete each module and the date you complete the full course.
  13. I've registered for a course and can't remember how to log in?
    Your login to our system is always your TDLR-issued license number (not your Driver's License).
    If you do not remember your password, you may use the password retrieval function on the login page.  Enter your License Number under "Forget Your Password" and your password will be sent to the email address you registered with. If you cannot find the password email, please check your spam/bulk mail folder. Passwords are case-sensitive, so please make sure that you enter the password exactly as shown.
  14. Do I have to complete the course all at once? Can I start and stop?
    You can complete the course at your convenience. We suggest that you try to complete a full module (up to an hour) in one sitting, but you can start and stop anytime you wish. After a short period of time, you will have to login again to return to your course, but you can start right back where you were. You will not be required to retake any topics.
  15. How long do I have to complete the course?
    You must complete the course within 120 days of purchase or by the course expiration date, whichever is soonest. Course expiration dates are shown on the course listing during registration. No refunds will be issued if you do not complete the course within the alloted time.
  16. What happens after I complete a module?
    After you complete all the topics in a module, the module will be marked as completed and you will not be able to start it again.
  17. How do I know that I have completed the course?
    Once you have completed the last module in a course, you will see a message that you have completed the course. The course will be shown as "completed" on your course menu and you will see an option to print your course completion certificate. You will also receive an email (to the email address you provided when you registered) once your course has been completed.
  18. How do I know that my course completion has been reported to the TDLR?
    Course completions are usually reported to the TDLR on the next business day after course completion.  Occasionally the TDLR reporting site is unavailable due to maintenance, so there might be a delay in the reporting.  You will receive an email (to the email address you provided when you registered) once your course completion has been reported to the TDLR. You can also check on this TDLR page to see if your credit has been recorded.
  19. After I complete my course, how do I renew my license?
    Completion of this Continuing Education Course does not renew your License - You must renew your license directly with the licensing agency.  We cannot renew your license for you. There are two ways to renew your license:
    • Renew Online - The easiest way to renew your license is to renew online.  The Report Notification email that we send you has a link directly to the online renewal site.  You can update your information and pay your renewal fees online and, since we report your CE credit electronically, you do not need to mail a CE Certificate of Completion in.  Renewing online is the fastest way to renew your license.
    • Renew By Mail - If you cannot renew online, you may send in the renewal application via mail.  You must print a Continuing Education Certificate of Completion (available after you complete your course) and mail it in with your renewal application and renewal fee. Unfortunately, we are not able to mail you a Certificate of Completion - you must print it from the Course Menu after you complete your course.
    We are providing the above License Renewal information as a service to you.  Unfortunately, we cannot answer any questions about your license renewal.  Please address all renewal questions directly to the Licensing Agency.
  20. After I renewed my license, I received a letter from the TDLR that my CE credit has not been reported
    Upon completion of your CE Course, you were notified that if you attempted to renew your license prior to us reporting your CE credit to the TDLR, and the subsequent processing of the CE credit into the TDLR's licensing system (which can take up to 24 hours), you would receive a warning letter from the TDLR. This letter was generated automatically because the TDLR did not have evidence of your CE credit prior to your license renewal. Your CE credit was reported to the TDLR on the date and time recorded in the email that we sent you, and may have taken an addition 24 hours to process by the TDLR.  You can check on this TDLR page to verify that your course credit has been posted by the TDLR.  If you renewed your license prior to our reporting of your CE credit, the TDLR will complete the processing of your renewal after the reporting of your CE credit, and your license will be renewed.