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Our Courses are accurate and practical and were designed with practical knowledge in mind. You'll find courses oriented around things you do every day - not obscure references to little-used codes. All of our courses are valid for TDLR License Renewal Credit for any license level.

  • Electric Services and Feeders - NEC Codes and practical examples for electric services and feeder connections sizing and installations.
  • Wiring Methods and Materials - NEC Codes and guidelines for installation of electrical wiring, conduits and cables.
  • Branch and Outdoor Circuits - NEC Codes and practical information on indoor and outdoor branch curcuits, load sizing, and special provisions.
  • Motors, Transformers and ACR Equipment - NEC codes relating to Motors, Motor Circuits, Transformers and Transformer Vaults, and Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (ACR) Equipment.
  • More subjects coming soon...

For certain courses, we offer multiple course levels - a level for Apprentice Electricians, and a more complex level for Journeymen and Master Electricians.

Our courses also include sections that cover mandatory subjects that are required for license renewal, ensuring that you don't have to complete a second course.

  • Electrician Safety - All our courses include the required amount of material covering best practices for Electrician Safety (based on NFPA 70E-2012).
  • State Rules and Regulations - All our courses include the required amount of material covering the latest new and changed state regulations (Administrative Rules of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, Regulation 16 and the Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 73).

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