Texas Trades
Education LLC

Texas Trades Education LLC is approved by the Texas Dept of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) as Electrician Continuing Education Provider #1572.

Our courses meet the requirements for continuing education credit for TDLR License Renewals for the appropriate license types.

All our courses are approved and valid for License Renewal credit with the TDLR.


Texas Trades Education Is An Approved Continuing Education Provider

Our Continuing Education meets all requirements of the licensing agencies and provides practical knowledge that you can use every day.

  • Course Content - Our courses are designed by a Master Electrician with over 40 years practical experience. They focus on NEC codes and practical experience comments that you can actually use, not obscure codes and regulations.
  • Online Training - All our courses are custom organized for online presentation. Our staff has experience in both classroom and online education.
  • Course Presentation - Our courses implement educational best practices, such as the optimum use of graphics and reference materials, coupled with questions to test the absorption of presented topics.
  • Course Modules - Our course material is organized the into modules that can be presented independently and without student fatigue.
  • Customer Service - We are committed to customer satisfaction with our online continuing education. We will promptly provide a refund to a customer that has not been able to complete their online education due to reasons of technical difficulties or other related issues.

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